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Andy has been playing keyboards since his late teens. He's very much into progressive rock and although he started out as a huge Genesis fan (and still is), he heard some songs from the Pink Floyd Division Bell album back in 1994 and was hooked!

When Andy was approached to be a part of Re|Floyd, it was a no-brainer! Andy uses Korg, Studiologic, Nord, Roland, Yamaha and Boss products.



Tony grew up listening to Pink Floyd courtesy of his friend Alan who bought every album on release date and shared the sounds in his box room. 45 years (or more) on, Tony finds himself surrounded by expert musicians in a band faithfully replicating those exciting sounds. Living the dream!

Tony changes his pedal board set up frequently - but will never change his Fender Stratocaster or his '3 knob' Dr Z Route 66 (clone) Amp. He relies heavily on Curt Mangan (Matt Schofield signature) 11-54 gauge (almost) unbreakable Guitar Strings.    


Lead Vocals and Guitars

First record as a child was the single ‘See Emily Play’, which Archie  played endlessly on a Fisher Price record player. As well as playing guitar and singing, he worked as a stage technician and sound engineer in various theatres from the age of 15yrs, before moving up to running his own recording studio for a decade or so.

Recent years Archie has played in other Pink Floyd tribute acts and a Jimi Hendrix covers band. He's also been seen featuring in a variety of solo acoustic shows around the Country.

Archie uses Levinson, Martin, and Godin guitars, and Marshall Amps. Roland, Boss and Digitech effects, and Shure Mics. However he prefers to avoid ‘gear talk’, and just uses whatever gets the job done!



Before she could speak, Hollie was captivated by the music and art of the Wall album and movie, thanks to her mother’s tastes in music she grew up listening to many Floyd albums and other prog rock in her collection, a passion which carried through the years!

Singing from an early age and starting performing during secondary school, music has always been a huge part of her life.

Hearing Re|Floyd for the first time, she was enthralled as the Floyd sound washed across the field at Hatfield Forest’s Woodfest in 2018. (She ran - and managed to get to the front of the packed crowd!) When given the opportunity to audition for backing vocals with the band she dove headfirst into the music and dynamic.

Hollie also enjoys writing songs, and has most recently started with learning piano.



Dietmar, a native Austrian, and a bass player since his teens. He played in several local bands - mainly southern rock, blues, jazz-funk and musical.

He became a live and studio sound engineer for many years for The Austrian Broadcasting Cooperation, OPUS (“Life is Life”) and other Austrian live acts

Dietmar returned to bass playing a few years back, and we welcome him as the newest addition to the Re|Floyd lineup. He remains founder member of Classic Rock covers formation - "The Moving Parts", and manages to squeeze in some studio work with local songwriters. 

Favourite album - “The Wall”. He plays Warwick, Fender, Sire and Ibanez basses through Trace Elliot and Laney amps. 



Olly, a 20 year old Lighting Designer from London. Has been flashing lights professionally for 4 years now, and when he's not with ReFloyd, he's either up a ladder or wiggling cables in clubs at ungodly hours in the morning. His passion stems from immersing an audience in a set with Lights and atmospheric effects, and what better music is there to do this to than Floyd!



After securing a Record Deal with Mercury & Decca Records with her band ‘The Revelations’ Louise performed live on BBC 1, & shared stages with artists such as Ronan Keating, K T Tunstall, The M People, & Paolo Nutini. The album was featured as 'album of the week' on Radio 2.

Louise has toured with 'The Johnny Cash Roadshow', & has performed at venues & festivals such as The O2 Festival in Hyde Park, The SSE Arena’s, & The London Hippodrome.
“This girl is amazing!” - Lisa Stansfield.

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